About Us

Our Mission Statement:

To Help Organizations Market, Sell and Service Better by Deploying and Supporting Award-Winning Technology and Guiding You Through the Best Practices for the Solutions We Provide.

What differentiates a solution from a product?

Products aren’t customized to your exact needs, and they don’t offer value based upon those needs. Solutions do. With clients all across the Nation, First Direct Corp has the expertise to identify your needs and offer solutions based on those needs. Organizations of all sizes, technical abilities, and industry verticals rely on our professional services and industry leading solutions.


What differentiates First Direct Corp. from our competitors?

First Direct Corporation has earned more awards over the last 25+ years from the manufactures of  GoldMine and QuoteWerks software than any other Authorized Solutions Partner. Our technical expertise and product experience enable us to help you achieve greater success and return on your CRM investment. See what others have to say about First Direct Corp.

In addition to GoldMine CRM, First Direct is an Authorized Partner for Zoho.  Zoho is a platform comprised of over 50 integrated business applications.  Collectively, they are an “operating system for business.” The center of the hub of Zoho’s environment is their award-winning Zoho CRM.

Key Benefits We Provide:

  • Centrally manage and share prospect and customer information
  • Gain a broader picture of all prospect and customer profiles
  • Increase your mobile productivity
  • Enable front and back office to work better as a team
  • Locate data more rapidly for sales and management decision making
  • Improve communication and lower costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee effectiveness and productivity
  • Automate routine and repetitive tasks
  • Track and analyze sales and marketing activities
  • Maintain a forecast pipeline
  • Identify reasons for losing prospects, opportunities, and customers
  • Identify high-margin leads and high-value customers
  • Proactively manage customer needs
  • Analyzing Forecast and Quota
  • Provide a more objective means for internal accountability
  • Help management to plan and make decisions more objectively