QuoteWerks | The Market Leading Quoting and Proposal Solution

QuoteWerks® enables companies in every industry to create detailed quotes and proposals with speed and efficiency. If you want to save time and money when quoting, selling, ordering, and purchasing products and services you need QuoteWerks® In today’s fast paced market if a business takes too long to get a price quote into a potential customer’s hands, that business stands a greater chance of losing that sale. QuoteWerks has been empowering businesses for over 26 years – increasing their productivity and closing more sales by simplifying and speeding up their price quoting/estimating processes in the office and on the road.

Are you still using Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, or your Accounting software to create your price quotes? Find out how QuoteWerks is a much better solution for creating quotes.

QuoteWerks is used by over 86,000 users worldwide in over 101 countries. Whether your company is a small 1-person company or a large Fortune 100 company, you can benefit from the increase in productivity QuoteWerks provides. Looking for QuoteWerks support/services, we do that too!

When QuoteWerks pulls the contact information into your quote, our innovative DataLink feature can automatically pull other information into the quote such as terms, sales tax rate, customer profile etc. Customer profiles can be used by QuoteWerks to determine the appropriate pricing a particular customer should receive.

You can personalize your print layouts with the built-in visual layout designer. Our advanced print layout designer allows you to easily insert data fields from your contact manager into the print layouts. Then, when you print the quote, QuoteWerks will pull data from the contact manager fields that you specified resulting in a printed quote or proposal that includes information from your contact manager contact record.

Create and maintain your own products database, and import product information from files that your vendors provide. If you are in the PC industry, you can link QuoteWerks Professional Edition directly to the offline product price guides of Ingram Micro, Tech Data (no importing required), and SYNNEX. A real-time web pricing and availability module is also available for D&H, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, Tech Data, and more. Also included in the real-time module is the ability to retrieve Real-time Product Content provided by Etilize and OpenICEcat enabling IT professionals to create content rich quotes and proposals with little effort. The Real-time Module also includes the ability to search online merchants for products.

If you are a small or large business, and you sell products or services you will benefit from the features QuoteWerks has to offer. These features include the ability to send and receive your quotes across the enterprise, vendor price comparisons, old quote price refreshing, creation of “bundles” or “kits”, the configurator to take you through a step-by-step process of building products using other products. Setup your products to have required, optional, and substitute products. Your products can also be organized visually in folders to make it easier to find the products you are looking for.

Use the link to QuickBooks accounting software to convert your quotes into QuickBooks invoices in the Professional and Corporate editions of QuoteWerks. Or, use the link to Peachtree accounting software to convert your quotes into Peachtree purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices in the Professional and Corporate editions of QuoteWerks. Or, use the Open Export Module to export your quotes/orders to a delimited text file format that many accounting packages can import (Great Plains accounting for example) in the Professional and Corporate editions of QuoteWerks.

Multiple-user network versions are available, allowing users to increase productivity by sharing information in the quote database. QuoteWerks is a stand-alone product, and does not require word processors or spreadsheets to work.

No matter what industry you are in QuoteWerks will work for you. QuoteWerks will increase your quoting productivity more than any software you will ever own.

That’s the QuoteWerks advantage!

Pulls contact information from popular contact management software
QuoteWerks integrates seamlessly with leading contact management software such as ACT,ACT! for Web, Autotask, ConnectWise, GoldMine, Maximizer, MS CRM, Outlook, Outlook BCM,salesforce.com, SalesLogix, and SugarCRM.

Quote Products and Services
QuoteWerks enables you to quote products and services. You can enter information directly into the quote “on-the-fly”, and you can setup a list of products and services that you commonly use in our product databases.

Use Products and Services stored in other programs
The Professional and Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks has the ability to link to a variety of external product data sources including any ODBC compliant data source (such as MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, etc.), D&H, Ingram Micro®, SYNNEX, Tech Data®, Peachtree, QuickBooks®, ConnectWise, and salesforce.com®. This enables you to build quotes by selecting products or services from these databases in addition to the QuoteWerks product/service databases.

Specialized support for technology resellers and IT Industry Distributors
While QuoteWerks is used in most industries, if you are a technology reseller like an IT Professional or A/V Integrator, we have some functionality specific to your industry. The Professional and Corporate Editions have specialized features to integrate with D&H, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and Tech Data’s product and pricing information. Integrating with their databases, gives you full access to each of their 180,000+ products they each carry. When you select items from their product databases, all the important information such as vendor part number, manufacturer part #, cost, suggest retail, etc is copied into the quote. You can even compare prices between the distributors with a single click!

Real-time web pricing and availability for Technology Distributors
Many technology resellers like IT Professionals or A/V Integrators purchase products from IT Industry Distributors such as Accutech Data, Arbitech, Bell Micro, BlueStar, D&H, Dexxxon Digital Storage, Digitek, Ingram Micro, Northamber, Printer Essentials, Supercom, SYNNEX, Tech Data, Westcoast, and more. It is very important to these companies to have access to real-time pricing and availability information so that they have all the tools they need to get product to their customer fast and as low priced as possible. Having access to real-time pricing gives the company the ability to deliver last minute price savings to their customer. Having access to real-time availability gives the company the ability to know if the product will ship today, or if it will be backordered. Since a backordered product cannot be shipped to a customer, knowing that a product is backordered before placing an order will give you the tools you need to make a good purchasing decision. QuoteWerks offers a real-time pricing and availability module.

Etilize Rich Product Content
Etilize Product Content provides QuoteWerks users in the IT industry with consumer friendly product descriptions, product images, and marketing descriptions. Without Etilize, QuoteWerks users have to import product information and scour the web looking for product images to download and for product descriptions to include in their quotes and proposals.

QuoteValet – Online Quote Delivery and Acceptance
QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects. Rather than attaching a PDF file to the quote and emailing it to your customer, QuoteValet will create a personalized web page to present the quote on quotevalet.com. The advantage of using QuoteValet is that you will actually know when your customer has received the quote. You will know when they have viewed the quote and how often they review the quote.Your customer will be able to change quote options dynamically and ask you questions through the customized quote page (keeping all communication together). Most importantly, they will be able to electronically accept and sign the quote!

Online Ordering for Technology Distributors
Many technology resellers like IT professionals or A/V Integrators purchase products from IT Industry Distributors such as D&H, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and Tech Data. The process of ordering products can become very tedious and time consuming. Your QuoteWerks order will already contain all the product part numbers, quantities, pricing, and ship to location – yet when placing an order with your distributor you would need to call your sales rep and read each part number, quantity, price, warehouse, and ship to location to him/her during which errors can be introduced. Order items from a single order, or combine items from multiple QuoteWerks orders into a single distributor order. After the order is placed electronically, the purchase order number, order date, and distributor sales order number will automatically be stored with your QuoteWerks order for reference. QuoteWerks offers the ability to submit electronic orders online with the Real-time Module.

Customize Quote Layouts
Use the QuoteWerks visual layout designer to format the layout of your quotes. All companies have different formats that they prefer to present the quote to their customer in. The built-in QuoteWerks visual layout designer gives you complete flexibility in designing the look of your printed quote. You can choose which information you would like to include in the quote, and which information you would like to not include in the quote. You can insert company logos, pictures, lines, boxes. You can set background colors, font colors, fonts, alignment, pretty much anything! If you prefer to include a picture of each line item in the quote, you can use the layout designer to control where the picture will be located, what size the picture will be, etc. On top of all this functionality, the QuoteWerks print layout designer also supports the creation of custom formulas. You can create formulas that calculate lease payments based on a number of months, and the total sale amount of the quote. You can create formulas that print a special message like “You are a valued customer.” if the sale amount is over $1000. You can create formulas that calculate a 50% down payment amount to display on the quote. You can create almost any solution using this formula functionality! The layout designer is very powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Create Proposal Layouts in Microsoft Word
In addition to using the QuoteWerks built-in layout designer, you can also create Microsoft Word based quotes and proposals.

QuoteWerks comes with a default print layout for quotes, proposals, orders, invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders
You can modify these existing print layouts, and/or create any print layout format you would like, such as a work orders, packing slips, etc. There is no limit to the number of different print layouts you can create. Again, you have full control over what the end result will look like!

Create and manage quote revisions
QuoteWerks supports “revisioning”. This feature enables you to open a saved quote, make changes, and then save it as the next revision. QuoteWerks will then automatically save the quote with a new quote number that has either a numeric or an alpha suffix (like –01 or –A), and will update the contact management software links to refer to the most recent revision. When converting quotes to orders, all revisions are now automatically flagged as superseded. You can easily view the history of all revisions giving you a complete overview and control over all the revisions.

Quote Approval and Peer Review
Have you ever had a sales rep email a quote to a customer that you wished you had reviewed before the customer received it? With the Approval Requirements feature you can require that your sales reps obtain approval from you before a quote can be printed, emailed, or uploaded to QuoteValet.

Define your Pricing Strategies
In all, QuoteWerks supports 9 different ways to price your products and services!

Calculate your Costs
QuoteWerks supports 3 different ways to determine the cost of your products and services.

Bundle Your Products/Services
The powerful bundling feature adds groups of products to your quote with a single click. If you quote groups of products/services often, the bundling features in QuoteWerks will save you a tremendous amount of time. With bundles, you can specify which products/services are included in a bundle. Then, you can add that bundle to the quote and all the items that are in the bundle are automatically added to the quote. Using bundles also ensures that you will never forget to include an item in the quote. QuoteWerks has two types of bundles: Simple Bundles, and Grouped Bundles. With a Simple Bundle, the list of products/services that you specified in the bundle will simply be added to the quote when you select the bundle. With a Grouped Bundle, the list of products/services specified in the bundle will be “rolled up” into a single grouped line item. All the individual item prices will be hidden and automatically totaled and displayed in the single grouped line item. The individual item descriptions can optionally be displayed or hidden.

Configure Your Products
QuoteWerks has a built-in Configurator. Most configurators can cost thousands of dollars, but with QuoteWerks, the Configurator functionality is simply built right into the product. From right within QuoteWerks, you will be presented with a list of products to choose from in a step by step format. The list of products displayed for you to select at each step is based on your selections in the previous step. The configurator can maximize your sales forces productivity, efficiency, and accuracy by walking them through the process of building a quote, ensuring that the sales rep remembers to include all the items they need to in the quote.

Get the Best Prices
When you select the product that you want to add to the quote, you can right click to immediately see the cost of this product from each vendor that you have setup in QuoteWerks. In a flash, you know which vendor has the lowest price, and you can choose to purchase that item from that vendor.

Refresh quote with latest or best prices
Often customers request a quote, and then for a variety of reasons, the project gets put on hold. Then, one day the customer calls back and says they would like a new quote. No problem for QuoteWerks. Simply select all the line items on the quote, and choose the Refresh with Latest price feature. Immediately, your quote has been updated. In fact, if your cost has now lowered, QuoteWerks will ask you if you would like to keep the profit for yourself, or pass on the lower cost to your customer!

Vendor prices fluctuate often. The QuoteWerks Refresh with Best price feature will automatically find the vendor with the lowest cost for each item on the quote, and update the quote with that information.

Search Online Merchants
From within QuoteWerks you can search the products carried by thousands of online merchants including Amazon.com and Buy.com, adding them to your quote. Very useful in quickly seeing determining the market price of a product.

Recurring revenue support
Quoting services that recur monthly, quarterly, or annually is becoming more common place. In QuoteWerks, items can be flagged as recurring revenue making it easy to present your prospects with quotes that clearly indicate which amount is due up front and which amount is due monthly. Management reports can be run to see how much revenue is forecasted based on these recurring revenue items. Filters can be set on these reports to see when various monthly contract periods are ending, so you can contact the customers about their renewals.

Flexible line item features
Many types of line items are supported in the quote like subtotals, disount and charge items, header lines, and more. read more…

Link to Accounting Software
Links to QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting software. The QuickBooks link uses the newest QuickBooks API which means that you no longer have to import and export QuickBooks iif files. The link to Peachtree now uses the newest Peachtree API which means that you no longer have to manually import and export Peachtree files. We also have an Open Export Module that can be used to export QuoteWerks orders to other accounting software.

File Links
You can link external files to the quote document. If, for example, you have created a Visio diagram or cad drawing file that is related to this quote, you can simply select these files to add them to this Links tab. You can even drag the files into the Links tab from Windows explorer. It’s that easy. With all the external files related to this quote document displayed on the Links tab, finding and opening them to edit or print is easy because you can just open the QuoteWerks quote, and on the Links tab, all of these files are organized for you. No more trying to remember where they are stored or going searching for them. You can also add website links to the Links tab. You can simply drag the website address from your web browser into the Links tab. You can use this to link a package tracking URL into the Links tab. Using the description feature you can name the link “UPS tracking for the flat screen TV”. Double-clicking on the link launches the web page. You can add as many links as you like. Ever need to link a web page to your quote for the products that you are researching? You could also add links to website pages that contain information about the products you are selling whether it be for your internal reference or for your customer’s reference.

E-Mail Your Quotes
QuoteWerks enables you to e-mail quotes directly from within QuoteWerks using the built-in SMTP e-mail or Microsoft Outlook. Your quotes are e-mailed as an attached .RTF file (Word Processor compatible like Microsoft Word) or .PDF file (Adobe Acrobat compatible). The e-mail setup options let you choose which format you want to your quotes to be emailed in. RTF files can be opened, and printed by all word processing applications. Your customer will receive the quote formatted exactly in the format that you sent it in, and your customer can simply double-click on the attached quote, and it will be opened by their word processor (RTF files) or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software (PDF files).

Paste Special Feature
The Paste Special feature enables you to accept data from the Windows clipboard and use it to retrieve products and services from a QuoteWerks product source and add them to the quote. This feature can be useful for integrating with external configuration software such as Cisco and Hewlett Packard configuration software which only output a list of part numbers with no descriptions or prices. It also works with part number lists copied from websites or text files. Simply stated, you can copy part number information into the Windows clipboard, and then use the Paste Special feature to have QuoteWerks retrieve the part numbers, complete with description, and pricing into your QuoteWerks quote using the information stored in the product databases linked to QuoteWerks! There are even specialized paste special applets like our Dell Premier Quote Importer and our Tech Data Shopping Cart Importer.

Import/Export XML formatted data
XML is the standard for data transfer and exchange. QuoteWerks can import quotes/orders/invoices that are formatted in XML (following our XML document specifications). This functionality is very useful for exporting data from web applications to an XML format that can then easily be imported into QuoteWerks. Our Open Export Module has an option that enables you to export quotes/orders/invoices from QuoteWerks to an XML file.

Share/Synchronize Quotes Between Offices
Do you have sales people on the road, or do you work from home at times? QuoteWerks can synchronize quotes between different locations. QuoteWerks can be installed at the main office and then also installed on laptops and other office locations. Then while salesreps are out on the road creating quotes on their laptop with QuoteWerks, they can export their quote and use the built-in e-mail feature to e-mail the quote back to their main office where it can be imported! QuoteWerks manages the unique quote numbers across all the installations of QuoteWerks, so you do not have to worry about conflicting quote numbers! If you use contact management software, some of the contact managers have attachment synchronization features. In which case, QuoteWerks quotes can be automatically synchronized by the contact management software! The QuoteWerks direct synchronization and rollout features also synchronizes quote and other information.

Know Your Profit Margin
With QuoteWerks’ extensive pricing features, you will know your profit margin on everything you sell. Each line item in the quote can have a different profit margin and pricing method, so you can mix and match your product pricing with discounts, markups, etc. You can select an individual line item, or a group of line items to see the profit amount and profit margin for the selected items!

See Product Price History
With a single-click, see what products you have sold to your customers in the past, and what price you charged your customer the last time you sold the product to them.

Create Quotes, Invoices, and Purchase Orders
Start to finish QuoteWerks handles it all. Once you receive an order, the purchase order feature has option to print a separate purchase order for each vendor on the quote!

Required Items Support
Many times you need to include certain products/services whenever you quote a particular product/service. This feature allows you to assign required items to items in QuoteWerks, and when you add that item to the quote, QuoteWerks will automatically include the required items. You will never forget to include an item in a quote again!

Optional Items Support
Often products and services have optional items that can be sold with them. This feature enables you to setup optional items in QuoteWerks for each item you sell, and when you add that item to the quote, QuoteWerks will automatically prompt you, giving you the opportunity to include the optional items.

Track Custom Information
QuoteWerks has customizable fields and columns accommodate your companies’ unique product and quoting needs. If you need to track the color or other quality of a product, you can customize one of the QuoteWerks custom fields to “Color”, and then enter the color of the product into that field. It is that simple to customize QuoteWerks to fit you needs.

Create Sales Reports and Product Catalogs
In addition to the standard reports that come with QuoteWerks, the built-in visual reporting tool allows you to easily modify and even create new reports to report on just about any data you would want. You can create outstanding quotes reports, forecasted sales reports, commission reports, sales closure reports and more. You can find out who your most productive sales person is, what your most profitable product is, which is your highest selling product/service, etc. Create reports based on regions or territories, etc. The flexibility of our report designer allows you to create just about any report you can imagine. You can also create product/price catalogs for your customers (which can include customer specific pricing), and detail reports on your product lines, inventory, etc. Reports and documents can even be copied and then pasted into Microsoft Word.

Security Features
The QuoteWerks Administrator can set the security settings for each user. You can specify which menu options each user has access to. You can specify which users can view/modify/delete each user’s quotes. You can specify individual access rights for each user to limit their ability to perform tasks like deleting products from the product database, modifying print layouts, and many more. These security rights are centrally maintained, and can also be enforced on laptop installations of QuoteWerks.

Document Automation
QuoteWerks automates the entire process of quote/order generation starting with the initial building of the quote on to the presentation format of the quote, and finally ending with the delivery of the quote to your customer. read more…

International Features
QuoteWerks enables you to display quote pricing in both your local currency AND another alternate currency. So, if you are in the United States and create quotes for some customers in Canada, by default QuoteWerks, can automatically generate the quote in United Status dollars and in Canadian dollars. If you then want to present that same quote in British pounds (GBP), all you have to do is click on GBP, and your alternate pricing is instantly recalculated to British pounds!

Find Products Quickly
QuoteWerks displays all your products and services in the familiar Windows explorer format. You can organize your products and services in different product databases, and in different folders making it really easy to visually organize and find your products when quoting them. Our powerful search features also make it a breeze to do searches using partial descriptions, part numbers, etc.

Cross Industry Support
QuoteWerks is designed to meet the needs of companies in most industries. We have many flexible features such as Unit of Pricing functionality (This lets you quote a “box of 10” at the per unit price as an example), and quantity multiplier columns (This lets you quote 5 feet wide X 4 feet deep X unit price = extended price)

QuoteWerks API enables developers to write applications that integrate with QuoteWerks
QuoteWerks has an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables software developers to write custom software applications that interact with QuoteWerks. The API exposes events like BeforeSaveDocument, AfterSaveDocument, BeforePrintDocument, BeforeContactSelection, AfterContactSelection, etc. This enables the application to verify and/or change data, or even cancel the event. There are many different types of custom applications that can be written to integrate with QuoteWerks. Developers can even write applications that seamlessly integrate other CRM or SAP packages with QuoteWerks.

Industry Standard Database
QuoteWerks data is stored in Microsoft Access 2002/2003 databases in the Standard and professional Editions and Microsoft SQL 7.0, 2000, 2005, or 2008 in the Corporate Edition. It is important to mention that you do not need to have Microsoft Access installed on your computers to use QuoteWerks. Because QuoteWerks data is stored in this industry standard format, other applications can read and write data to our databases making QuoteWerks part of your entire solution.

CRM Integrations

Contact Management Software (CRM) is great for storing your lists of customers and leads, setting reminders for follow ups, sending them emails, replying to emails, sending out marketing emails, and tracking marketing campaigns. Essentially managing and keeping track of all your customer interactions. Contact relationship management is a necessary and important aspect of your business.


QuoteWerks sales quoting software is the tool you need for selling your products to your customers. Creating compelling Quotes and Proposals that win business generates revenue for your company, not your list of customers. You create quotes for people, so the most logical source would be your existing contacts in your CRM software. We want you to be able to leverage your investment in your CRM software. That’s why QuoteWerks integrates with the leading contact management software packages. If you don’t have any CRM software, that’s ok, QuoteWerks has a built-in contact database that you can use.

Your CRM is a great place to store customer information. QuoteWerks is a great way to increase your revenues.

QuoteWerks®…The other half of CRM®.

QuoteWerks integrates with the following leading CRM Packages


Act! makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of the people you do business with.

Act! For Web

Act!Premium makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of the people you do business with.


Autotask Corporation provides the world’s leading hosted IT Business Management software built specifically for VARs, MSPs and other technology solution providers to help them run their businesses better and more profitably. Learn more about the QuoteWerks Autotask Integration


Designed exclusively for the IT Channel, ConnectWise is the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers. IT professionals rely on ConnectWise to streamline business operations and achieve greater accountability, efficiency and profitability.


The GoldMine relationship management product line has multiple editions, each developed with a unique person and organization in mind. All editions provide extensive contact management, sales automation, marketing automation, scheduling and project management functions.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts is your online address book, integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products.


For over 20 years, Maximizer CRM has been the software solution of choice for small to medium-sized businesses and divisions of large corporations. Maximizer Software fuels your business success with a simple, accessible and adaptable CRM solution that provides the best value in the market.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a easy-to-use, integrated and adaptable CRM applications that enable business decision-makers to quickly respond to market shifts, take advantage of new trends, increase their competitive edge and drive business success.


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the premium business and personal e-mail management tool and calendar software to help you stay in touch.

Outlook with Business Contact Manager

Microsoft Outlook is the premium business and personal e-mail management tool and calendar software to help you stay in touch.


Salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing company that has transformed the way companies collaborate and communicate. Salesforce.com is leading the effort to bring Cloud 2, the next paradigm for computing, to the enterprise by offering its customers the social collaboration, mobility and openness that are the hallmark of this new world.



SalesLogix is an award-winning CRM software system providing customer tracking solutions for sales, marketing and customer service. SalesLogix offers a complete view of customer interactions across departments – providing information and insights for better planning, managing, and forecasting.



SugarCRM makes CRM Simple. As the world’s fastest growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than nine million times and currently serve over 800,000 end users in 80 countries. Over 7,000 customers have chosen SugarCRM’s On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives.

Zoho CRM

The QuoteWerks integration with Zoho CRM includes the ability to search for contacts, create/update Deals, and upload quote attachments to Zoho CRM. DataLink is supported. You can attach files to the Zoho Deal from the PDF Preview window, the Links tab, and the Print window. There is a button on the SoldTo/ShipTo tab to display the contact in Zoho CRM, and also a link on the links tab that you can click to view the Zoho Deal in Zoho CRM. Additionally, emails sent from QuoteWerks are logged in Zoho CRM history.

Accounting Software Integration

QuoteWerks QuickBooks Integration 

QuoteWerks integrates with several of the leading Accounting software including QuickBooks and Sage 50 US Edition / Peachtree. 


Sage 50 – US Edition (formerly known as Peachtree)

If you use different accounting software, we also have 3rd party Accounting add-ons. QuoteWerks also has an Open Export Module that generically exports data that can be imported by Accounting Software.When your quotes become orders you no longer have to re-enter your orders, which saves you time and eliminates costly mistakes.QuoteWerks has built-in purchasing and receiving functionality that integrates with our accounting integrations.

I already use QuickBooks or Sage 50 / Peachtree. How will QuoteWerks compliment them?

QuoteWerks quoting software fills in the gap between contact management software (CRM) and accounting software.

CRM software helps you to manage your customers and leads, including daily communications, setting reminders for follow ups, tracking marketing campaigns, etc.

Accounting software helps you to manage receivables, payables, purchasing, inventory management, asset management, payroll, etc.

The advantage to having your CRM software and Accounting software be separate software packages is that each can do what they respectively do best.

Enter QuoteWerks…

QuoteWerks helps you create quotes and proposals quickly and easily integrating with bothyour CRM and your accounting software.

It gets your customer information from your CRM software, creates links to your quotes for the customer, schedules follow up calls in the CRM software for the customer, records emails sent to your customer in your contact management software, etc. QuoteWerks leverages all the functionality that you rely on in your CRM software.

Once the quote becomes an order, QuoteWerks then creates the customers, products, and invoices for you in your accounting software with no re-typing! Once the order/invoice is in your accounting software, your Accounting software can take over and do what it does best.

The solution is complete. From your CRM to QuoteWerks to your Accounting. It is for this reason we call QuoteWerks®…The other half of CRM®.

If you currently use your Accounting software to create quotes (often referred to as estimates), you may already be aware of the limitations of using your Accounting software to create quotes.

In most accounting software, in order to create a quote for a part number, the part number must already exist in the accounting software. This is a problem for several reasons. Whenever you need to quote a part number that is not already in your accounting software, you will need to create a new entry for it including description, cost, price, GL accounts, etc – before you can use it in the quote. Not all quotes result in orders, so you will end up with a lot of part numbers in your accounting software that have never actually been sold. To make matters worse, many accounting packages do not allow you to delete items once they have been entered into the accounting software, so that part number that you have never used will be stuck in your accounting software forever.

Part Number and Inflexibility issues

Who is going to create these part numbers in the accounting software? Are all the salespeople in the company going to have the security rights to add part numbers to your accounting software? Of course, you could have your accounting person add these part numbers for your salespeople every time they create a new quote, but that would be a tremendous waste of your accountant’s time.

Administrative issues

Using accounting software to create quotes is for larger offices that have many sales people, poses even more challenges. First, requiring sales reps to have access to your accounting software raises many security related issues. Your accounting software should only be used by the people who are well trained in accounting and the use of your accounting software. Furthermore, once sales reps have access to the accounting software, it is possible for them to view information other than quotes such as the companies’ finances. Lastly, accounting software licenses are typically more expensive than quoting software licenses.

Pricing and Security issues

If you have remote sales reps in the field with laptops, will you install a copy of your accounting software on each of their laptops and then somehow try to merge those quotes back with the master accounting installation in the office. Accounting software is not designed to do this. Accounting software does not have the ability to let the sales person create a quote on a laptop, and then send it back to the main office where it can be imported into the master installation in the office. QuoteWerks can do this.


Quoting software is more flexible and more powerful in many ways. Quoting software has richer content, pictures, spec sheets, supports more pricing methods, links to other software such as your contact manager, and more. It focuses more on the assembly of the quote with a Configurator, required items, price comparison features, price refreshing, links to external pricing data sources, etc. It is more flexible in that you can easily adjust profit margin, quote products on-the-fly without first creating them in the database. Quoting software gives you much more control over the look and feel of the quote that the customer receives. Quoting software has built-in automation for assembling the quote, additional literature, spec sheets, etc and then automatically emailing it. Quoting software also includes much more flexibility in your ability to create reports to retrieve information about your quoting and ordering. QuoteWerks stores it’s data in an industry standard database format so that you can use any software to retrieve information from. Accounting software usually stores their data in proprietary database formats that only the accounting software can read. Not all accounting software packages can track commissions (since commission calculations are usually complex). There are more shortcomings to using accounting software to create quotes, but you get the idea…

Lack of specialized quoting features

Do any of these quoting difficulties sound familiarQuoteWerks can overcome all of them!

In Summary

There are many reasons QuoteWerks customers use the QuoteWerks Accounting software integrations

Most importantly, they use it to stop cluttering their accounting software with quotes and products that they haven’t sold.

Eliminate the re-typing. When the quotes become orders, QuoteWerks creates the customers, products, and invoices for them with no re-typing!

It keeps their sales people out of their Accounting Software.

Remote sales reps can still create quotes remotely on the road and have them sync back to the main office.

Distributor Integrations

QuoteWerks integrates with many Distributors that carry products for the IT and AV industries. There are many advantages to these integrations. QuoteWerks can search the distributor prices lists* for products to include in your quote, you can get real-time pricing and warehouse availability for these products, and ultimately you can place orders electronically with these distributors.

Overview for VARs and MSPs

Distributor Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Easily retrieve your distributor pricing and availability from over 15 distributors. Learn More…

No More Importing Products (Etilize)

Customer Friendly Descriptions, Product Images, Spec Sheets, and more Learn More…

Submit Orders Electronically

Order items for multiple orders electronically with D&H, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and Tech Data. Use real-time pricing or your sales rep negotiated prices. Learn More…

Procurement Tracking

Our complete Distributor Integration retrieves your pricing & availability, places electronic orders and tracks your shipments, serial numbers, & receiving. Learn More…

Import Tech Data Sales Rep Quotes and SAP Quote Retrieval

Import the Price Quotation spreadsheet your Tech Data sales rep emails you in a single click. Another QuoteWerks Original.
As a result of the collaboration between QuoteWerks and Tech Data, QuoteWerks retrieves quotes created by Tech Data sales reps directly from Tech Data’s internal SAP system. Learn More…

Supported Distributors

Don’t see your distributor here? Ask your distributor to reach out to us to request an integration!

Distributors Etilize Part Locator LimitedSupport* Real-time Ordering


Accutech Data





Bell Microproducts
Blue Star


Comstor / Westcon
Dexxon Digital Storage



Ingram Micro


Printer Essentials
Supplies Network
Tech Data


Ingram Micro
Tech Data


Ingram Micro
Tech Data
West Coast


Dicker Data


Ingram Micro


Ingram Micro


Ingram Micro


Ingram Micro
Tech Data

*Limited Support: If you work with one of the distributors indicated in the “Limited Support” column, then the distributor part numbers for these individual distributors are not available through Etilize or the PartLocator. For these distributors we simply use the Manufacturer Part number to request pricing and availability because these distributors allow XML requests based on the manufacturer part number or actually use the manufacturer part number as their distributor part number.

QuoteWerks Tech Data Integration

The QuoteWerks integration with Tech Data enables you to:

  • Obtain Real-time Pricing and Availability
  • Search for Products without having to Import a price file using the QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription with PartLocator
  • Include Product Pictures and Spec Sheets for Tech Data Products on your Quotes and Proposals
  • Submit Online Orders with Tech Data saving your purchasing department valuable time
  • Retrieve Order Status updates from Tech Data including Shipping Tracking numbers and Serial numbers
  • Import Excel Quotes created by your Tech Data Sales Rep
  • Retrieve the SAP Quotes created by your Tech Data Rep in real-time
  • Import orders placed on the Tech Data website into QuoteWerks Procurement for PO creation in Accounting and Tracking
  • Import your Shopping Cart from TechData.com

QuoteWerks Paste Special feature

The Paste Special feature enables you to accept data from the Windows clipboard and use it to retrieve products and services from a QuoteWerks product source and add them to the quote. This feature can be useful for integrating with external configuration software such as Cisco and Hewlett Packard configuration software which only output a list of part numbers with no descriptions or prices. It also works on part number lists copied from websites or text files. QuoteWerks can take the list of part numbers and retrieve the description and pricing information for each part from the product databases linked to QuoteWerks. The result of the Paste Special is the automatic creation of a quote complete with pricing.

Quote Importer for Dell, Cisco, and HP Quotes

The QuoteWerks Quote Importer enables you to import quotes from Dell, Cisco, and HP(iQuote) into QuoteWerks so that you can turn them into something you can present to your customer.

Leasing Integration

Built-in lease payment calculation support, including a leasing integration with GreatAmerica Financial Services.

Leasing Overview

QuoteWerks has built-in lease payment calculation support. You can very easily offer your customer the option to purchase or lease the quote. QuoteWerks makes it effortless to give the customer multiple lease choices such as 12 months, 36 months, FMV purchase, $1 buyout, 0/1 upfront payment, etc. As the quote total changes, the lease payments automatically re-calculate!

All leasing companies are supported, simply enter your leasing companies lease rate factor data into QuoteWerks.


QuoteWerks Leasing Integration and QuoteValet

When the quote or proposal is delivered using QuoteValet, as the customer changes options, the lease payments are automatically re-calculated to reflect the new quote total. The customer can choose to purchase the quote outright or can choose a leasing option.

Real-time with GreatAmerica Financial Services

QuoteWerks supports a real-time leasing integration with GreatAmerica Financial Services. Offer leasing options to your customers and submit credit apps to GreatAmerica without leaving QuoteWerks!

When you select your GreatAmerica lease card, the real-time query to GreatAmerica will enable you to see all the lease options available from GreatAmerica such as terms, advance payments, points, and purchase options. Just select the combinations of options you would like to see and GreatAmerica provides all the iterations of those combinations. Once you’ve had a chance to see them, you can choose which ones you would like to offer to your customer. The QuoteWerks Real-time Module is required for the GreatAmerica integration.

Sample Lease Rate Card

QuoteWerks enables you to create, edit, and maintain your own Lease Rate Cards. If you do not have a Lease Rate Card in your ..\QuoteWerks\LeaseRateCards folder, you can save this file (SampleLeaseRateCards.xml) to that folder location.

The QuoteWerks Online Help Documentation has additional information about using, adding and editing Lease Rate Cards.

Leasing Templates

If you are upgrading QuoteWerks from a version earlier than Version 5.0, you will need to download these templates which have the changes in them to display the leasing and payment options. You can then apply your changes to these layouts or you can see what changes are in these layouts and copy those changes to your existing layouts. These layouts are the default layouts that are installed with a fresh installation of QuoteWerks version 5.0


The following are the minimum system requirements we suggest you have in place to run QuoteWerks successfully. Please contact Technical Support if you have questions regarding QuoteWerks System Requirements.

Note: While QuoteWerks will display at 1024×768 for the screen resolution, the optimum resolution is 1400×1050. The next best resolution is at 1152×864. The default settings (1024×768) will still display QuoteWerks, it will just look better at the suggested resolutions.

Workstation System Requirements:

Windows 10

•Microsoft Windows 10 (all editions) 32-bit and 64-bit

•1 GHz or higher processor

•1GB RAM (32-bit) or 2GB RAM (64-bit)

•150MB available hard disk space

•XVGA (1024×768) graphics card

•Windows compatible mouse or pointing device

•10/100 Mbps Network Connection

Windows 8

•Microsoft Windows 8 (all editions) 32-bit and 64-bit

•1 GHz or higher processor

•1GB RAM (32-bit) or 2GB RAM (64-bit)

•150MB available hard disk space

•XVGA (1024×768) graphics card

•Windows compatible mouse or pointing device

•10/100 Mbps Network Connection


Server System Requirements:

Windows Server 2016

•Microsoft Windows Server 2016

•1.4 GHz processor or higher

•512MB RAM (2GB recommended)

•XVGA (1024×768) graphics card

•Windows compatible mouse or pointing device

•10/100 Mbps Network Connection

Windows Server 2012 (and R2)

•Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (all editions) 32-bit and 64-bit

•1.4 GHz processor or higher

•512MB RAM (2GB recommended)

•XVGA (1024×768) graphics card

•Windows compatible mouse or pointing device

•10/100 Mbps Network Connection

Standard Edition Professional Edition Corporate Edition

$15.00 a month
per user (billed monthly)

$20.00 a month
per user (billed monthly)

$29.00 a month
per user (billed monthly)

Standard Includes:
Professional includes everything in Standard, plus:
Corporate includes everything in Professional, plus:
Create Quotes, Orders, Invoices


Purchase Orders (Simple)


Unlimited Product Databases


Bundles and Configurator




Peer Review and Approval Process


Built-in Contact Database
and Outlook Integration
QuickBooks Desktop Integration


Sage 50 US / Peachtree Integration


Opportunities Dashboard


Link to External Product Databases


Quote Synchronization

Standard CRM Integrations
(Act!, GoldMine, Google Contacts,
Maximizer Desktop, salesforce.com,
SugarCRM, Zoho CRM)

MS SQL Backend Capable


PSA Integrations
(Autotask and ConnectWise)


Advanced CRM Integrations

( ACT! for Web, MS Dynamics CRM )


Product Database Synchronization*


Purchase Orders and Procurement



In addition to monthly and annual subscriptions, one-time, up-front purchasing options for edition and realtime licenses are available which include volume pricing discounts.

Invest up-front and pay minor maintenance fees annually.

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