Inaport is a full featured integration and migration product, with specialized functionality for support of GoldMine.

GoldMine specific features

Feature Description
Virtual tables
When mapping to GoldMine, Inaport provides virtual tables that mask the complexity of the GoldMine schema. For example, virtual tables for mapping to contact email address or web address
Automated processes
Attach a contact to an Automated Process during an import
Add a contact to a static group during import
Relationship tree builder

GoldMine Relationship Trees are very useful, but there is limited support in GoldMine for building and supporting them. If you want to make a tree with more than a single level, or with anything other than simple selection criteria, it has to be done manually. Inaport gives you the ability to:


  • model simple and complex trees;
  • preview the trees before building;
  • build trees based on data in tables other than CONTACT1 (e.g. history or opportunities);
  • build and re-build trees as required, or automate the process

Pricing information

Inaport is available in various editions and license durations.

Inaport is licensed against a single CRM instance. If a Professional or Enterprise edition license is purchased, you may also purchase additional licenses for test and development servers, at a greatly discounted price. These test and development server licenses are valid while the Software Assurance for the main license is current.

60 day license



Professional edition for 60 days

Use for migrating legacy CRM systems

Free migration maps available

One off imports for special projects


Basic imports


Standard Features

Import into any entity in CRM
Create, update, delete
Match using any field
Schedule jobs as required


Integration projects


All Standard PLUS

Fuzzy matching
SQL matching
Export from CRM
Query external database
Advanced documentation
Advanced logging
Low cost test/dev licenses
Free training (one hour)


Any source, any target


All Professional PLUS

Integrate any data repository in the enterprise
Free licenses (2) for test/dev systems
Free training (three hours)