GoldMine Web

GoldMine Web

GoldMine Web is a new browser-based application that’s included with GoldMine Premium Edition and installed as part of the GoldMine Connect package. GoldMine Web offers real-time access to your GoldMine database without any desktop setup via any current web/internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome). It provides the look and feel of a web client and doesn’t require any software or mobile app installation for the remote end user. It is a website application that gets installed on your Windows Server running IIS and can be accessed from any modern web browser on a desktop (Mac/PC) , laptop, smartphone or tablet device.

Please Note:

If Installing GoldMine Web on a Domain the GoldMine Connect Installer for GoldMine Web is not supported for use on Domain Controller, unless the operating system on the Domain Controller is “Small Business Edition.” Please read the Installation Guide for more information.

GoldMine Web features include:


  • Detailed contact record views including pending and completed activities, custom fields, notes and details
  • Graphical calendar helps you stay organized by scheduling calls, appointments, actions and more
  • Automatically link sent and received emails using your local email client
  • GoldMine Web is included free with the purchase of Premium licenses  – new or upgrades. GoldMine Premium customers current on maintenance are also entitled to the upgrade to GoldMine Web

GoldMine Web provides the look and feel of a web client and doesn’t require installation for the end user of GoldMine Premium Edition. GoldMine Web makes support for the administrator simple because there is no software to install or manage. Because GoldMine Web extends the functionality of GoldMine Premium Edition via the browser, users can continue to manage key contact and relationship management functionality as if they were working in the native Windows environment.

GoldMine Web features an intuitive and feature-rich interface for contact management. GoldMine Web is great for remote offices, teleworkers, or users travelling. While GoldMine Mobile is specifically designed for iOS and Android devices, GoldMine Web expands the CRM capability with features in GoldMine Premium Edition CRM for Windows to users with a browser and is the perfect solution for organizations looking for a hybrid CRM cloud solution.

“With GoldMine Web, we can now provide the premise-based features of our Windows CRM platform to anyone with an Internet browser. GoldMine Web is perfect for any organization that is looking for a light, web-based CRM extension for their Windows environment,” said Paul Petersen, General Manager of GoldMine. “GoldMine Web will provide real-time access to a GoldMine database using any browser without any desktop setup. Users just launch the browser to view, update, and create records.”

Organizations using GoldMine to manage their business look to GoldMine Premium Edition to build close, long-lasting relationships. By providing businesses with class-leading features and addressing the needs of a anywhere, anytime workforce, GoldMine Web helps organizations become nimble by leveraging the power of the cloud as a bridge to GoldMine Premium Edition.

Note: The GoldMine Web demonstration starts at 55 mins into this video demonstration.

Microsoft Server Operating Systems
• Windows Small Business Server 2011
• Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2
• Windows Server 2012 Essentials / 2012 R2 Essentials
• Windows Server 2016 / 2016 Essentials
• Windows Server 2019
Microsoft IIS Versions
IIS 7.5 / 8.0 / 8.5 / 10.0
GoldMine Web (Included with GoldMine Premium)
Cookies and JavaScript must be turned on for browsers.
After installation, the browser cache should be cleared.
Mobile (Smartphone and Tablet) OS
• iOS 9.0 – 10.x
• Android 4.4.x – 6.0
Mobile Browsers
• iOS – Safari 9.3.5 – 10.3.2
• Android – Chrome 4.2.x – 5.1
Desktop Browsers
• Safari 9.1 – 10.1 for OS X 10.9 – 10.10
• Chrome 60 – 75
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
• Microsoft Edge 38.0 – 44.0

The installation process for GoldMine Connect involves several prerequisites depending on your Windows Server version. You must first install and configure GoldMine Premium Edition. GoldMine Web requires no additional licensing and can be used by any user of GoldMine Premium Edition.

Please read the Installation Guide for Installation and System Requirements info.