There are thousands of e-mail marketing tools out there, but they all fail in one fundamental way – they’re not linked to your internal sales process or your CRM database. They allow you to create an e-mail and send to your uploaded contact list and then you can view some fancy reports about who opened, unsubscribed and clicked on a link, and who bounced, but that’s about it. If this sounds like how your organization is sending emails today, IntelliClick for GoldMine offers a better way to do Email Marketing.

IntelliClick is different from all other types of e-mail marketing systems. IntelliClick is a GoldMine add-on tool that allows personalized email campaigns to be sent and tracked directly within your GoldMine. Each contact record is updated based on the actions your email recipients take and you can instantly alert/notify your internal GoldMine users/sales reps when those actions occur.

  • It’s integrated into your CRM system. Information about the responses to your e-mail campaigns is stored and visible against the customer record where everyone can see it. No need to log onto some web site somewhere or run some kind of report to see who clicked on what. It’s in your CRM system.
  • Track e-mail opens. IntelliClick can track when your e-mail is opened or read by the customer. Literally within 10 seconds, that information appears in your CRM system and an optional e-mail, or pop up alarm in your CRM system can be defined to alert you and your staff.
  • Track ‘Click Throughs’. Tracks when a customer clicks on a link or image and is taken to a page on your web site. Again, an optional e-mail, or pop up alarm in your CRM system can be defined to alert you and your staff.
  • Track Web Site Visits. A very powerful part of IntelliClick. Allows you to track visitor behaviour to your web site beyond the original e-mail. Maybe many weeks or months after the original e-mail was sent, your customer suddenly decides to visit your web site. With IntelliClick you can track what pages they visit, the duration of the visit and the last page they saw. Again an alert can be setup automatically and instantly when a customer visits your site. Many people use Google Analytics, but this is better because you know exactly who is visiting your site, and can take action right away.
  • ONCLICK Web Page Navigation Tracking. IntelliClick now takes you to new depths of information about your web site visitor behavior. In addition to tracking the pages they browse, now you can track what specific links they view within your web site pages. This “Digital Body Language” input is another way to engage your sales team and arm them with valuable information for their sales follow-up.
  • Track Unsubscribes. Provide one simple link in your e-mail (or button) to allow a customer to be removed from your mailing list. This will automatically update their record in GoldMine and IntelliClick will prevent you from sending future e-mails to them. What’s more, the flagging is done at an e-mail address level, not an organisation level. Let’s say you are dealing with 10 people in a company and one of them unsubscribes. IntelliClick will still allow you to send e-mails to the other 9.
  • Track Bouncebacks. You’ll never have a 100% accurate e-mail list. Inevitably, some e-mails will be returned to you as a ‘bounce’, and there will be several reasons why the e-mail did not get through – bad syntax in the e-mail address, person no longer works there, company has gone bust, etc. IntelliClick allows you to setup different rules based on the different types of bounces. Records are automatically updated in your CRM system – e.g. flag the record to prevent further e-mails being sent (you must not send e-mails out to duff e-mail addresses) or automatically schedule a call for a salesperson to ring them and check their addresses.
  • Provide a Call Me Now Button. A great CALL TO ACTION to prompt the customer for a call back to them. Again it will pop up an alarm in GoldMine within 20 seconds indicating the person requested a call back.
  • Track ‘Forward to a Friend’. IntelliClick can create for you a single link in your e-mail to ‘recommend a friend’. When your customer clicks this link, they are asked for their associate’s Name and E-mail address. These are automatically transferred to your CRM or GoldMine database, to create a new record for them and a follow up call created for a salesperson.
  • One Click Event Registration. Do you run events or seminars? Give the customer just one link for them to register. No need to take them to a complicated form asking for their details again! The customer automatically gets a confirmation e-mail and their registration is recorded in your database for follow up.
  • One Click Literature Download. Allow customers to download documents or more information. When a customer clicks on the link, they get the file requested and again recorded in your CRM database for follow up.
  • Sample HTML E-mail templates. Have you ever struggled trying to create a professional looking e-mail? IntelliClick is supplied with a vast library of sample email templates for all different types of mailings, one column, two column, three column etc…
  • E-mail sending service included (SMTP Relay). Sending high volumes of e-mails directly from your CRM system and your own e-mail server could get your company ‘blacklisted’ and identified as a spammer. With IntelliClick, e-mails are sent through someone else’s server not yours. The e-mails STILL appear to the customer that they have come from you. When the customer replies to the e-mail it goes to you. But the main benefit is there is no danger of being blacklisted on sending high volumes of emails. You can also access your SMTP relay usage (the sending of e-mails) and bounce statistics with detailed charts and data downloads.
  • Full Campaign Reporting. We include 6 reports to see what your most successful campaigns are, your top pages on your web site and which customers have been most active or have show the most interest. Remember everything is tracked in your CRM database so it can all be accessed via a report or SQL Query. We also provide some SQL Queries for listing unsubscribes, campaign activity, etc etc. In addition we also have an interactive  GoldMine Dashboard that returns campaign tracking results.
  • Pricing is tied to results tracked in your CRM database as opposed to the more common way of pricing, which is based on volume of e-mail sent.  IntelliClick is a more affordable solution but with more functionality and easier to budget your costs.
  • IntelliClick is easy to use and e-mails can be sent by non marketing users once the e-mail template has been setup. IntelliClick is equally suitable for low volume e-mails, even sending and tracking a single e-mail.
GoldMine CRM Use the latest information in your GoldMine database to send and manage email campaigns without the need to upload your data anywhere else. IntelliClick For GoldMine provides a simple way to send your email campaign messages to your target audience and it is compatible with GoldMine Corporate and Premium Editions (version 7 and beyond). For those using other email service providers, IntelliClick offers integration between GoldMine and Constant Contact®, iContact® or MailChimp®. This provides you with an option to use these services to prepare and send your campaigns while having tracked information added directly to your GoldMine system in real time! A special web site navigation script adds to the power of your campaigns, whether they are sent directly from GoldMine or other service providers. Benefit from the “digital body language” to prioritize recipient interests in each of your campaigns. The Top Leads By Campaign report helps your sales team focus on the best opportunities. Results appear immediately in GoldMine under a special CLICKTRACK tab. Details of each tracking type include the campaign name, date & time and person who took action. If you store multiple contacs per account, each individual’s results will be tracked to their name.
Any CRM/ERP System IntelliClick offers a very cost effective, B2B email and web site marketing solution for Non-GoldMine users.  Use information from your preferred contact source to send interactive email marketing campaigns. Leverage instant alerts and person specific web site browsing details to get meaningful insights into their purchase interests. Virtually any ERP, accounting, CRM, spreadsheet or other address book applications such as Outlook can be used as your list source. No need to upload your data, so it is always securely stored within your system. Use any exported fields to personalize your messages. Create your HTML messages with any tool you choose.  If you don’t already have preferred HTML editor, we will provide a simple drag and drop editor that creates mobile and email client optimized templates with ease. Reporting is available on demand, or automatically delivered by email at time intervals and to the recipients you designate. Pricing for IntelliClick Any Source Version:
The IntelliSend module provides a simple and streamlined screen for GoldMine users to assemble their mass mailing. Email addresses that are flagged as either unsubscribe or undeliverable (hard bounce) from past mailings are automatically excluded as the job is assembled. Scheduling and setting of email volume limits help to control campaign delivery as desired. IntelliSend allows the types of contacts in GoldMine to be included and use of  email merge codes (if desired) further isolates the target audience. Once the mailing is completed, GoldMine is updated with entries in history (if desired) and a notation to the CLICKTRACK tab to confirm which contacts received the mailing. A log of the mailing is maintained and displayed to confirm all steps completed by IntelliSend. If for any reason the mailing fails during transmission, the job can be resumed to send to those who have not yet received the message. IntelliSend provides easy to use bounce management functionality to maintain the integrity of the email addresses stored in your GoldMine database. Hard bounce undeliverable messages returned to the GoldMine inbox can be monitored and action taken to update records needing attention. Removal of bad emails can also be automated with a copy of invalid emails stored in GoldMine history for future reference. If you have been using other email sending services (i.e. Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.), you can have email addresses flagged by their system for unsubscribe or undeliverable instantly updated in GoldMine using an Excel or CSV file generated by those providers to update your GoldMine system. This permits a good starting point for campaigns done using IntelliClick as you move forward.
You probably do a good job of managing your day-to-day interaction with customers and prospects within your CRM system. You may also be tracking and measuring your digital marketing campaigns. The big question is what about opportunity gaps for those who show strong interest to your digital marketing; but may not be getting the right level of attention or interaction to capitalize on this interest? IntelliClick’s Opportunity Gap Scoring feature helps your company identify business opportunities. Prioritize and score your digital marketing tracked in your GoldMine system. Then, match these with scores from the actions logged to the contact history. See which accounts may need or deserve more attention and optimize the results from your sales team time and effort!

Recorded Webinar

This 30 minute webinar presentation includes highlights of IntelliClick. The Opportunity GAP module is featured as part of this overview.

Module Demo

This 7 minute overview video illustrates our digital and interaction scoring modules and how these enable measurement through special reports and dashboards.

GoldMine dashboards and reports which summarize the details of your campaign click track activity, breaking down each campaign and providing metrics to determine which are most effective. Real time information is available on demand or you can have it automatically delivered by email at time intervals and to recipients you designate.  View details by campaign, by web page accessed, and by date and time; with specifics about those who access your pages.  Summaries across all your campaigns provide a snapshot and measurement for any time period you wish to measure.

The IntelliClick GoldMine dashboard provides “real time” statistics on each email campaign and allows you to drill down to the contacts based on their email interaction (Clicks, Opens, Unsubscribe, Web Site Nav).