Attach Plus


Attach Plus™ dramatically improves the way businesses send e-mail attachments by reducing the time and complexity it takes to PDF, ZIP and password protect attachments.

Is Attach Plus right for you?

Does generating and attaching a PDF or ZIP file take longer than it really should? How are you currently ensuring confidential e-mail attachments you send to customers are password protected? Have you ever sent a sensitive attachment to the wrong recipient by mistake?

Document Management: Attach Plus works with most major document management systems by right clicking, “E-mail” or the Print command.

How Attach Plus Helps


Attach Plus was designed to answer these questions by exceeding the security requirements of financial advisors who regularly send sensitive personal and financial information as e-mail attachments to their clients. Now, Attach Plus can be used by anyone wanting the same level of security, speed and ease-of-use to attach encrypted PDF or ZIP files to e-mail.

How Attach Plus Works

Attach Plus adds a button to your e-mail application’s “Select Files” dialog window. From the “Select Files” window you can attach the file “as-is”, convert it to an Adobe Acrobat PDF or compress it into a ZIP file. On the same screen you can secure the file by selecting a password and choosing only the pages you want and attach. It’s that easy, efficient and secure!

You can even use the Attach Plus print driver to e-mail PDF snapshots from any application that has print capability.

PDF – Security Made Easy

  • More control with Sender & Recipient Passwords
  • Restricted PDF – Restricts print, copy, paste and more…
  • Merge PDF – Combine documents to one PDF with customized Bookmarks!
  • Convert to PDF or work with existing PDF
  • 128-bit Encryption
  • Fast Password Protect
  • PDF specific pages
  • Attach password-protected PDFs in 6 clicks, instead of 17 with Adobe Acrobat
  • See the Encryption and Password Protection white paper
 Print To Attach Plus & Email
  • Print to PDF and Attach – Automatically converts the document to an encrypted PDF then attaches to a new or existing e-mail. The PDF is saved in the Sent Mail folder of your e-mail program.
  • Print to PDF, Save and Attach – Automatically converts the document to an encrypted PDF, saves PDF to your system, then opens a new or existing e-mail. The PDF is saved in a folder and in the Sent Mail folder of your e-mail program.
  • Merge PDF – Combine documents from multiple applications with the ‘Merge’ feature to create one PDF attachment.

FILE->SEND TO->MAIL RECIPIENT- attaching made easy


Attach Plus allows you to send files as attachments from Word, Excel and other MAPI compliant programs to an e-mail in progress

  • File->Send To from an open file or Right Click->Send To->Mail Recipient from an unopened file
 ZIP – security made easy
  • Compress e-mail Attachments – reduce file size
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Fast Password Protect
  • Combine documents into one .zip file
 SHORTCUT – collaborate & leverage existing network security
  • Attach a File as network ‘Shortcut’
  • Attach a Folder as network ‘Shortcut’
  • Convert and save PDF to secure network folder
    and attach as “Shortcut”

Have you ever wanted to send more than one attachment in an e-mail, but from different software applications? Attach Plus integrates into any MAPI compliant application (such as Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, or most Windows applications) that provide the option to select “File->Send To-> Mail Recipient” from the main menu.

You can also right click on any file in Windows Explorer and choose File->Send To Mail Recipient. Attach Plus then allows you to attach (or convert, then attach!) the file to a pre-existing email message (you can also create a new email message if you prefer). See MAPI document

  • Secure and Compress attachments
  • Easy and fast
  • Ensure your client’s privacy

Attach Plus currently works with:

  • Outlook® (2000 through 2016) – 32 bit
  • Outlook Express® (6.0)
  • Groupwise® (6.0 and above)
  • GoldMine® CRM (5 and above)
  • ACT!® e-mail (6 and above)
  • Eudora® (6 and above)
  • Lotus Notes® (6.0 and above)*
  • Thunderbird*
  • Netscape 7 and above*
  • Yahoo!Mail**
  • Gmail**

* Paperclip button integration not available.
**Requires additional software (with modest fee) from Affixa.


Price: $34.99 per license/year

  • Attach Plus is sold as an annual software subscription. You will be contacted about your annual software renewal as your purchase anniversary date nears.
  • Workstations: You must purchase an Attach Plus license for each workstation to which Attach Plus will be installed.
  • Terminal Servers: Each concurrent terminal server user session requires an additional Attach Plus workstation license. For example, a firm with 25 regular workstations plus a terminal server with 15 CALs (Concurrent Access Licenses) would need a 40 workstation Attach Plus license.

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