MasterMine for GoldMine

What does MasterMine do?

MasterMine is the reporting solution for GoldMine CRM and QuoteWerks.

  • Creates original reports, lists and graphs from scratch … in seconds (not hours!).
  • Lets you change reports on-the fly, while you’re looking at them. No back-and-forth with “wizards” or design screens and no waiting for technical experts. Results are easy and immediate.
  • Renders your GoldMine CRM or QuoteWerks data in a familiar Excel environment, so you can leverage the knowledge you already have!

MasterMine® adds 3 key values for any business using GoldMine CRM:

1. Efficient and Effective GoldMine Reporting

  • The most efficient and intuitive GoldMine CRM reporting interface available
  • Drag-and-Drop fields to position in tables
  • Familiar Excel environment
  • Quickly drill-down through any summary for full detail
  • Mailing lists and list views are a snap
  • Clone and branch off to make new reports in seconds
  • Reports maintain links to GoldMine for click-through and GoldMine Group building

Most reporting options require days of training and only give you flat, single function reports when youre finished. MasterMine’s dynamic and interactive reports can be set up in seconds and 1-button-launched from a taskbar when you need them! Start making the useful reports that your organization needs today!

There’s no excuse for not getting the information you need out of GoldMine CRM!

2. Business Analysis and GoldMine CRM Management

  • Makes your organization’s GoldMine data visible to you:
    • See daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports of activity in GoldMine
    • See information from many different angles to make business-critical decisions
    • Quickly change any report parameter for greater analysis flexibility
  • Segment the database with easy-to-create, easy-to-use overviews
  • Make GoldMine CRM Groups from any data segment, bypassing complicated filter-creation. Use groups to target e-mails, mailings, field updates, assign accounts to GoldMine CRM users.
  • Make tables, charts, graphs and lists in seconds

Marketing and Sales Managers, GoldMine Administrators, and Business Managers save hours on daily processes: Segment the database and send e-mail or letters in one smooth action. Monitor any activity in GoldMine CRM. Analyze lead sources and sales funnels. Assign leads.

MasterMine leverages analytical tools built into Excel making better use of GoldMine’s business logic and built-in features.

3. GoldMine CRM Data Management and Clean-up

Is your GoldMine turning into a junk drawer? Users not entering data properly? Imported data didn’t turn out right? Is it hard to find and fix bad data? Not anymore!

With MasterMine, users quickly find bad data, click-through to GoldMine records AND FIX IT! Or use GoldMine CRM Groups to mass-change large amounts of bad data in seconds. All changes are sync-aware and intuitively correct because you see GoldMine from the top-down, so you know you’re hitting the right targets in your data.

What is bad or lost data costing you every day in lost opportunities?

How MasterMine works:

MasterMine presents your data in formatted, GoldMine-savvy Excel PivotTables®, leveraging one of the most important data management tools built into Microsoft Office®. Launch MasterMine from the GoldMine view menu for quick, convenient analysis. MasterMine’s analytical tools immediately give GoldMine managers inside views of their operation at any level of detail, so they can finally take charge of their business. Users can easily expand the basic toolkits, using MasterMine to generate analytical tools that suit any data configuration.

Features added to MasterMine 9.x:

More Compatibility

  • GoldMine 2016 and 2017 guaranteed;
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 through 2016;
  • Windows 7 through 10;
  • Availability in Hosted GoldMine environment (Cloud Jumper), BYOL or subscription;
  • Compatibility with 64-bit Excel for MMUpdater users

New MMUpdater features

  • Create sub-records: Additional Contacts, Details, Pending, History;
  • Create notes records;
  • Better manage existing sub-records like e-mail addresses, websites

Report Management

  • Launch Search;
  • Favorites section

Easier Report Transport & Sharing

  • Snapshot to Archive;
  • Import from non-MasterMine sources;
  • Export to non-MasterMine Excel, PDF, or CSV

Find Templates Easier

  • Treeview access to templates by function;
  • Reorganized and enhanced toolkits for: Database Analysis, GoldMine
  • Maintenance, Sales Activity Tracking, Forecasting & Sales Tracking, Opportunities, Marketing Segmentation & List Management, Account Analysis

Enhanced Security Features

  • Lock filter fields (i.e. USER);
  • Master user license management

New & Improved GM Management Templates

  • Notes Tab reporting;
  • E-mail address error correction;
  • Record Curtaining Management;
  • Duplicate checking and correction;
  • E-mail Inbox Tree by User;
  • Log-based reports: Records Added, Records Deleted, User Log Report;
  • Call Report with Last and Next Call Info;
  • Refined Contstant Contact and IntelliClick Reports

Over 120 Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements

  • Coming soon: 
    Better user-role and licensing management – Licensing module, Free/cheap “Viewer” license type, Freeware option

Besides MasterMine, no option including StoneField Query or Crystal Reports, really allows you to do data analysis or data management, which are huge additional benefits of MasterMine. But even considering only reporting, you have these choices:

GoldMine Report Writer

Built into GoldMine, the capabilities of this tool are quite limited. GoldMine pros generally steer end users away because it requires a great deal of database knowledge and patience.

SQL Reporting Services

A highly technical, “programmer” tool. Users must know the GoldMine CRM Data schema and be quite familiar with Transact-SQL, field expressions, and GoldMine back-end conventions. Average users cannot be expected to create reports, and typically hiring professionals to do this is not cost- or time-effective.

Crystal Reports

The industry standard for generic (non-GoldMine-specific) reporting, but not user-friendly and requires users to have much more technical information and know-how. Reports take MUCH longer to create, don’t integrate with GoldMine, are inflexible for end-users.

MS Access or Excel

Same limitations as above. Also, these are not built to be report-writing solutions and therefore don’t even have the usual report-related conveniences built in.


Puts information into user’s “hands” up front, for easy, WYSIWYG-style drag-and-drop to get final results. Branch off any report to create new reports immediately. So integrated with GoldMine you can drill through to “pop” GoldMine records, build GoldMine CRM Groups from any segment in the report, re-shuffle fields, convert tables to graphs, filter on anything graphically (no need for SQL expression builders) — all with immediate results. MasterMine is simply easier, faster, better.

  • GoldMine 5.x up to Premium Edition 2016
    The same functionality in any case.
  • SQL 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, or 2012, 2014
    Both SQL and dBase are served by the same version of MasterMine, and look virtually identical.
  • MS Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013, 2016 (32-bit)
    Office 2003 has significant improvements for PivotTables, both for users and the back end, and is more stable.
    Office 2007, 2010, and 2013, 2016 have greater functionality and are highly recommended.
  • Windows 2000 or higher, including Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, Windows 10
  • 512 MB RAM minimum
    For larger data files (more than a few thousand contacts or 20,000 history records), 2 GB or more is highly recommended.
  • High-speed Networks
    Network speed can be a bottleneck if large files are queried. See the user manual for hints on query efficiency.