MMUpdater for GoldMine

MMUpdater – Update data in GoldMine via MasterMine reports.

Starting at $995.00

Everyone knows how to update a spreadsheet:. Type over. Find/Replace. Copy down.

What if you could update data in your MasterMine reports and push those changes back into the GoldMine CRM Database instantly, in a guided and synch aware way? Now you can!

In a MasterMine drill-down worksheet, simply change the data you want updated in GoldMine CRM. Then invoke MMUpdater to map an Excel column to the target GoldMine CRM Database field and… Presto!… your changes appear in GoldMine CRM.

For all the times you need to update GoldMine CRM Data across multiple records quickly and easily, MMUpdater is the answer!

Key benefits:

  • Works with MasterMine’s powerful segmentation capability to pinpoint the data you want to update.
  • Mass-update all major data tables in GoldMine (not just Contact1 and 2, as with built-in Global Replace).
  • You can use your Excel skills (find/replace, formulas, copy-down) to make mass changes on the spreadsheet
  • instead of needing to learn more technical skills.
  • See all your changes BEFORE “finalizing” them in the GoldMine CRM Database, avoiding potentially costly errors.
  • All changes are sync-aware, so your changes transfer throughout your system, even to remote GoldMine CRM users.
  • UNDO feature allows you to correct mistakes, even AFTER the database is updated.

Examples of use:

  • GoldMine maintenance – identify and clean up obsolete or incorrectly entered data quickly.
  • When GoldMine rules change (such as activity codes in History or Pending) easily go back and make old data conform to new rules.
  • Normalize data from multiple sources, so your database works as one unit.
  • Re-link history records from one contact to another on a mass or selective basis.
  • Sort through a page of contacts and assign “priority” codes off the top of your head, quickly and easily going from one record to the next in one view.
  • Sum up Sales amounts into a “Qtr to date” or “Last Year Purchases” numeric field on your “Fields” tab. Run this process periodically to maintain and update your data in a single operation.
  • Use your Excel “formula-building” skills to combine two or more fields or outside information (like goals or commission levels) in an expression that yields a calculation – then transfer that info into a user-defined GoldMine field for easy reference.

How to license MMUpdater:

  • If you have a current release of MasterMine installed, then MMUpdater is already there as well. You just need to purchase a license.
  • Your first seat of MMUpdater costs $995.00, and each additional seat (remember, GoldMine “Master” users only!) $300.00