GoldMine Report Writing

The following is a list of our Report Writing Services and Report Writing Products/Solutions we offer.

Report Writing Services

GoldMine Reports  – Several already created reports come with your copy of GoldMine Premium Edition. If you only needed to print reports without altering dates or users, you can go to File | Print a Report…. All reports that are pre-made reside under the UserID of (public). To make alterations to reports, change parameters or create new reports can be a daunting task. First Direct Corp can assist you with customizing and creating your own GoldMine Reports.

GoldMine SQL Queries – SQL Queries are great for generating lists and reports based on your Goldmine data. No additional software is needed, however writing SQL Queries requires a great deal of knowledge about the GoldMine database structure and the SQL language. First Direct Corp. can assist you with generating SQL Queries for your GoldMine database. Once written these queries can be saved in GoldMine for your users to use at any time. Let us show you how SQL Queries can save you time when needing to export contacts and/or run reports.

Crystal Reports – Crystal Reports provides fast and easy report creation. Crystal Reports is an intuitive solution for quickly and easily producing interactive views of business data for improved insight and better decisions. First Direct Corp. has many years of experience with creating and writing Crystal Reports documents. Speak to us today about how we can create Crystal Reports documents for your organizations business analysis needs.

GoldMine Dashboards – GoldMine Dashboards function real-time with interactive drill-down access to data in GoldMine, as well as external MS SQL data which may be stored in another system such as an accounting application.

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Report Writing Solutions

MasterMine for GoldMine – Most reporting options require days of training and only give you flat, single function reports when you’re finished. MasterMine’s dynamic and interactive reports can be set up in seconds and 1-button-launched from a taskbar when you need them! Start making the useful reports that your organization needs today!

MM Updater for GoldMine – One of the most frequently asked questions from new MasterMine users is, “Can I make changes to the data in MasterMine (Excel) and have them update GoldMine?” Well, from now on, the answer is “Yes!”

Stonefield Query for GoldMine – A user-friendly database report writing, query, and data mining tool designed specifically for GoldMine