GoldMine Training

Too many firms make the mistake of rolling out new technology, such as GoldMine, without adequate training. Without proper GoldMine training users become frustrated, develop bad habits and make mistakes, which are costly down the road.

With GoldMine software, you need someone you can rely on to provide you with the necessary support and training to maximize your return on investment. This is why it is so critical to choose a solutions provider which has the experience and expertise to readily support your organization’s technology implementation.

First Direct Corp has over 25 years of experience using, selling and supporting GoldMine CRM software and GoldMine add-on software.


We Offer GoldMine Training Via:

  • Corporate On Site
  • Classroom or One-on-one
  • Full and half-day lengths
  • Over the phone and via the Web

Our GoldMine Training curriculum is designed for different users:

  • Sales people
  • Telemarketers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Administrators
  • Managers/Directors
  • IT Support Staff

If you are in need of GoldMine training and/or assistance with setting up and using your GoldMine CRM system, First Direct Corp. has the expertise to help you. Our training can be customized to meet your needs so you can concentrate on using the features of GoldMine you use most.

If you have questions about our services please contact First Direct Corp or give us a call at (845) 221-3800

“Your training today gave me and my sales team a much greater awareness and appreciation of what GoldMine and the new Web solution have to offer us. I really like the scenarios we played out for using GoldMine in our daily business processes!”


“I’ve learned more with you in the last two sessions than I learned in the last 8 years without First Direct.”


“Excellent class. Everyone here is psyched. Great job!”


“On behalf of all in attendance yesterday, I want to thank you for a very informative and well-presented, clear instruction of the use of GoldMine. Look forward to our next training session.”


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