Sales acceleration technologies for all types of sales roles to boost revenue by increasing productivity from 10% to 800%

Increase sales productivity with ConnectLeader Sales Acceleration Platform for GoldMine CRM users. Our Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform gives sales, lead generation, and marketing teams powerful tools to identify the right prospects, obtain accurate contact data, and enable accelerated communication using our sales connectivity optimization and lead nurturing solutions.

Spend less time dialing and more time selling.

  • Bi-directional integration with GoldMine.
  • Dramatically improves call pickup rates with local caller id.
  • Users can upload their contacts from one or more GoldMine filters to dial.
  • Reach your best Leads first using Adaptilytics.
  • Complete visibility and control of the dialing process.
  • Record and Deliver voice messages.
  • Record, Listen and Grade your calls at any time.
  • Managers can coach live or offline using Remote Coach.
  • Provides instant feedback through Dashboards and Analytics.