GoldMine Configuration and Design Planning

The primary purpose of the configuration and design planning phase is to gain an overall understanding of your company’s procedures in relation to the requirements of the GoldMine CRM system. This process involves the liaison between a First Direct Corp business consultant and key members of your organization. During this stage of the CRM project, the current business practices of your organization will be reviewed and subsequently documented for the configuration of the GoldMine CRM system.

The following are the main areas for investigation during the configuration and design planning phase:

  • An understanding of your organization’s current business processes
  • Data import requirements (proper data format, field mappings, default field values)
  • Contact record structure
  • Primary contact information  (field labels / lookup tables)
  • Customized user-defined fields/views
  • Customized detail profiles and associated field definitions
  • Activity management (calls, appointment, actions)
  • Forecasted sale/opportunity management/sales pipeline analysis
  • Literature fulfillment/managing correspondence
  • Document management (Word Templates, Marketing Emails, Default Email Signature)
  • Definition of reporting requirements
  • Definition of GoldMine user access rights
  • Synchronization 
  • Technical Infrastructure (hardware specification/network configuration)
  • Plus much more