GoldMine GM+ Views

The GM+ View tab in GoldMIne gives you the ability to create your own custom logic to dynamically modify or view web and html content on the GoldMine record.

Example Uses:

  1. Co-mingle data from other database’s with GoldMine.
  2. View web based reports of GoldMine data in GoldMine.
  3. Create a web based application and access it though GoldMine GM+View
  4. View online shipping/billing information within GoldMine.
  5. View images linked to GoldMine contact record
  6. View Map Quest Driving Directions – from default location to the contacts address.
  7. Google Search – on any GoldMine field.
  8. View Web Site of contact record inside GoldMine
  9. Link to Social Websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  10. Display Accounting information on the GoldMine record

Google Maps:

SQL Reporting Services – Reports Dashboard: