GoldMine Lookup.ini


Lookup.ini does not exist in GoldMine until you create it using a text editor. It is written as a standard configuration file, similar in many respects to the Win.ini and System.ini files. The Lookup.ini is stored in the root GoldMine directory.

The Lookup.ini can perform several automated functions based on a trigger and/or a resulting action.

The functions include the following:

  • Update a Contact1 or Contact2 field based on an entry in another Contact1 or Contact2 field.
  • Update Contact1 or Contact2 field based on an expression.
  • Launch an external application based on an expression or the occurrence of a specified field entry.
  • Apply an activity color code to calendar activities based on either an activity type, an activity code, or both, when an activity is scheduled.
  • Launch an external application when a new record is created.

Note: The Lookup.ini script updates one field based on the updates made to another field. The update of the second field does not follow the update access security for the second field you set in the Field Properties dialog box. For example, you have a Lookup.ini to update Key2 based on updates to Key1. The user has update rights to Key1, but not to Key2; however, they can update Key1 and the Lookup.ini updates Key2.


The Lookup.ini includes the following sections:

  • [AutoUpdate]: Specifies trigger fields (fields that create an update if modified) and the resulting field to be updated. The second section usually comprises the specific instructions and parameters used when updating the GoldMine field.
  • [OnNewRun] and [OnEditRun]: Determines the external application that is to be launched when a new record is created (either a contact record or a supplemental file record, that is, adding a new calendar activity).
  • [CalClrCode]:  Specifies what color is to be assigned to the activity that is being scheduled.