GoldMine Upgrade & Update Services

GoldMine Upgrade Services

If you are an existing GoldMine user and are interested in updating or upgrading your GoldMine CRM system from a previous version of GoldMine to the most current version of GoldMine, First Direct Corp. is here to assist you.

We take the guess work and headaches out of your GoldMine CRM update/upgrade. We’ve assisted thousands of GoldMine users from single user installations to large corporate installations with upgrading and updating their CRM systems.


Whether you are transitioning to a new server/workstation environment or simply updating/upgrading on your existing hardware infrastructure, FIrst Direct Corp. has the experience and technical expertise to see your GoldMine upgrade through to completion.


Speak with our sales team today about how we can assist you with your GoldMine CRM needs.

Not sure if you are on the most current version of GoldMine, then check out  a list of the latest GoldMine Release Notes/Updates