GoldMine Web Import

Would you like to be able to integrate your web based applications with your GoldMine CRM? Automatically create or update a contact record in GoldMine when someone submits your online web forms, subscribes or unsubscribes from your emails, clicks on links in your emails. With GoldMine’s web import feature you can do all of the above plus a lot more. Automate the process of creating or updating a GoldMine contact record when actions occur in other web based applications. Learn more about Web Application integration with GoldMine via Web Import.


How GoldMine Web Import Works

With GoldMine’s Web Import feature you can automatically create or update  a contact record in GoldMine from information submitted from the web. Once the information is submitted or passed to the web import processing script, a .ini style email is generated and sent to you. The email is then retrieved in your GoldMine Email Center, once the email is retrieved it will create a new contact record or update an existing contact record if a matching email address is found in the system.

Once the new contact record is created or an existing contact record updated, you can unleash the power of GoldMine Automated Processes. Automatically send an e-mail, automatically print a letter and envelope, automatically schedule a follow up call! GoldMine Web Import frees you from having to “copy/paste” data from emails and other application into GoldMine, and allows you to focus on serving your customers and building your business processes.

With GoldMine Web Import there is no longer any need to re-enter data by hand. Web Import helps reduce data entry errors by eliminating the need to retype information into GoldMine.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Let’s assume you receive 100 new contacts from the Internet the old fashioned way by copying and pasting the contact information into GoldMine. How long would it take you to have these entered into GoldMine? With GoldMine Web Import it takes no time at all.

In addition, GoldMine Automated Procecces can be automatically applied to your new contacts by the web import script. GoldMine Automated Processes allow you to to automatically send e-mail, birthday greetings, print Letters & envelopes, schedule calls & follow-ups, manage an entire sales campaign and much more. GoldMine Automated Processes are extremely versatile and can be easily configured to your specific needs.

Benefits of GoldMine Web Import:
  • Automate data/lead capture
  • Get leads to the sales team faster than before.
  • Less data entry, time saving and more accurate
  • Faster response time using auto e-mail replies and scheduled follow up activities
  • Automatically populate GoldMine fields using pre-defined values
  • Can be used to integrate other web based applications with GoldMine via WebHooks.

GoldMine Web Import Features

The contact data/information that we can import into GoldMine:

  1. We can create and/or update any Contact1 fields (Primary contact) information.
  2. We can create and/or update Contact2 fields (Custom fields)
  3. We can create details in the Details Tab
  4. We can import into the Notes Field
  5. We can duplicate check the incoming email  address against the GoldMine database so that duplicate contacts are not created. If an existing contact is found with the same email address then we can simply update the existing record as described in 1 and 2 above.
  6. We can choose to attach a GoldMine automated process depending on whether the contact is an existing contact or if it is a new contact when performing the duplicate check.
  7. We  can choose to send a GoldMine email to any GoldMine User when the contact is an existing contact or a new contact. This is an easy way to alert an internal GoldMine User/Sales Person of the fact that a new contact was created or an existing one updated in the GoldMine database.

Implementing GoldMine Web Import

There are several options available for integrating web applications with GoldMine. This depends mostly on the language your web site is developed in, where it is hosted and where the data you want to process is coming from.

Here are some scenarios:

  • If you are able to create and host your own custom web forms and server side scripts on your web site then we can implement GoldMine Web Import on your website directly. This is the most common scenario. We work with you and/or your website development team, depending on the server side language available on your server, to customize your forms and create server side scripts to process the data submitted from your web forms and integrate it with GoldMine.
  • If your web site is built using one of the many Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress and if it is self hosted, then we should be able to customize the  forms and integrate your web site with GoldMine.
  • If you have a web site that is hosted using one of the FREE web site building solutions such as, or or any other solution like those, then your options are more limited, as those solution providers will typically not allow you to modify the way that their solution works. You maybe able to install or use some 3rd party plugin to be able to implement web import, but again your options are limited.
  • If you are receiving emails from a web site other than your own, possibly a lead providing company, or a resume submission company, then we do have a solution that allows you to extract information from your emails and submit/post the information in your emails to a server side script hosted on your web site. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.
  • If you use any of the large number of cloud or webbased applications and that solution has the ability to post to a WebHook or if it integrates with,  then we may be able to integrate that solution with GoldMine. Zapier is a great service for integrating web applications with other web applications and possibly GoldMine. You can visit their web site at for more information. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.
  • For those that are not sure on how to create their own web forms and server side processing scripts then there is a great form builder service called JotForm (, that makes it easy to build great looking web forms. JotForm will also allow you to post its form data to a WebHook. This is how we can integrate your JotForm forms with GoldMine. You can read more about JotForm here