GoldSync – Real-Time GoldMine Data Synchronization

Please Note: GoldSync is a feature included with your purchase of GoldMine Premium Edition


Give your remote GoldMine users the advantage of up-to-the-minute information with the automated synchronization capabilities of GoldSync.

How GoldSync Works:

GoldMine has had synchronization capability since GoldMine 2.5.  Each remote user requires a laptop or pc that has its own seperate installation of GoldMine that Synchronizes with the office via the internet.  Remote synchronization is a process by which one GoldMine installation, typically the Remote Laptop, sends its new/updated/deleted GoldMine information to  the other GoldMine system, usually the Office Server and allows for one-to-one exchange of information between both of the GoldMine systems. Organizations that have employees working in other offices and/or in the field can use GoldMine’s remote synchronization to communicate effectively with the office. You can have multiple remote installations\users.


  • Remote Workers can access their GoldMine system at any time.
  • Other offices can be set up as remote sites
  • A connection to the office is only needed to sync.  This can be done via the LAN when the remote users\laptop is back in the office or via the internet while they are away from the office.


  • Each remote pc carries a whole or partial copy of your data, This can be a security risk
  • You are required to maintain multiple installations of GoldMine.  One system in the office and one for each remote user or site. When applying updates to GoldMine each laptop also needs to be updated.
  • Supporting remote user can be difficult if they are not IT savvi
  • Installation time for each remote laptop is at least two hours, larger databases will take longer to setup.

GoldSync Services We Offer:

  • Remote GoldMine/Goldsync User Configuration
  • Remote GoldMine/GoldSync User Installations
  • GoldMine/GoldSync Technical Support
  • GoldSync Administrator Training